The Scheduler is sort of a hidden secret at this point in time. I haven't officially released it although you can get to it from the logging application if you click the text link on the Profile page.
This entire site has evolved from some need that I've had. My coach started sending me my workouts in email. However, those workouts are not defined on specific days, it's just a block of workouts. Initially, I had to print a calendar, print her workouts, and then sit at the table and pencil in the workouts. While this seems like a simple process, attempt to do this with 11 workouts and then it becomes a bit of a problem.

With the Scheduler, you have a list of 20 blank entries. You can select the event type, date, duration, and add your comments. When you submit, the Calendar will populate with your workout. It makes it much easier because I select all of the events first, then the duration, and finally I select the time & date.

There are a couple of minor bugs and some features I thought of after the fact. But like everything else, they get shoved onto the back burner when new toys arrive... like the blog. :)