Like most everyone, I have friends I only know from the Internet and some of those friends call me their coach.

This past weekend, I got the opportunity to meet some of those athletes at the Vineman 70.3 in Windsor, CA.

Vineman 70.3 Banner

Ordinarily, I am unable to watch a race without wishing I was a participant but with Coeur d'Alene still fresh in my mind (and in my body), spectating seemed like a better option.

Prior to our departure, I pulled up athlete tracker to check on the race.  Oh no, wait a minute.  No, I must have dreamt I pulled up athlete tracker because athlete tracker was broken.  More like it didn't exist.


Ok.  I got that out of my system.


So we drove up to Windsor and got lost but ended up in a better parking location which situated us closer to the school than where we parked last year. 


Without athlete tracker, we had no idea where people were on the course but we made some guesses.  Some of those guesses were correct and some not so much.

But we did get to meet some new and smiling faces as they were making their way to, and crossing, the finish line.  We like smiles!

We were only in Windsor for a few hours but it was nice to get away for the day and wander around.  While doing said wandering, I snapped some photos along the way....

While walking through the expo, I spotted the following --

Tri Baby

And this as well --

Death Before DNF

I brought along the fancy camera and snapped a really cool picture of this berry bush which we named the blaspberry because it appears to contain both blackberries and raspberries --


You really can't appreciate the quality of my two bazillion megapixel camera because I had to size this photo down so I'm zooming in...

Blaspberry Cluster

I'm still sensing a lack of appreciation...

Single Blaspberry

You're impossible to satisfy -- whatever.

We had lunch at a local pub and while we were hanging out, I spotted this bicycle on the ceiling...


Have I ever mentioned that I want to race a sprint tri on a big wheel?  Or maybe a beach cruiser or just something ridiculous.  The above will work too!

This reminds me of giving the sign that states loose kids will be given a coffee and a free puppy --

Children Sign

Check out this old fashioned alcoholic triathlon dude sporting the compression socks --

Compression Socks

The Mrs. spotted this surf board located directly to my rear.  Good omen!  #KONA --

Kona Brewing Company

After lunch, we strolled back to the action --

Vineman Start

As we were watching folks run in towards the finish, I thought I would take random shots of feet.  Pretty good extension on this gal and she wrapped up what appeared to be a speedy day --

Leg Extension

From behind the chute --

Vineman Finish Line

Post race food brought to you by many local vendors and --

Mooo Mobile

I was sad to leave but we had to go.  On our way back to the car, I spotted this overly detailed cross walk button --


And then I spotted this road closure sign which is the property of the "streets dept" because you might be confused as to who might own it --

Streets Dept

No respectable felog photo gallery would be complete without some odd photo.  Here ya go --

Random Bra

Yes, you are correct.  It's a pink bra.  I looked for panties or a topless women, neither were found.

How do you move on from that?  Ok.  Moving on...

A shout out to my Buddy DL who is one of the announcers at Vineman.  He kept the day interesting for those of us spectating and he and the Vineman tri folks put on a good show!

Time to get back to the training!  Next stop, Vegas!