As you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time swimming, biking and running.  And a consequence of my frequent exercise -- a large pile of athletic laundry which accumulates... in the garage.  Yes, stinky clothes are banished to the garage.

I'm a grown up now and gone are the days of shoving stinky clothes into the corner and making the decision to (finally) do laundry because the stench greets me at the front door like an angry dog.

Blue Seventy Pro Pack

In addition to the frequent use of my swimsuits, cycling kits and running apparel, I live about two miles from a decent-sized lake which means my wetsuit sees quite a bit of action -- in fact, too much action.

Torn Wetsuit

The other day while logging the zillionth swim in my suit, one of the seams decided to give and I tore a ten inch hole in my suit.  Needless to say, I was horrified.

Having recently switched over to Blue Seventy this year, I fired off an email, the subject line:  911

I received a quick reply back stating that they were on it.

Within days, a box arrived on my doorstep and it was like Christmas had arrived early.  The box was filled with all sorts of goodies...

Blue Seventy Goodie Box

... but the best was hiding underneath it all...

Blue Seventy Helix Package

I've already had the pleasure of using their gear but after getting the full product line, I think I'm a fan of the two piece...

Blue Seventy Two Piece Kit

I'd previously worn a onesie but the two piece kit fits me well and I haven't made the final decision yet but I'm pretty sure it'll be what I'm wearing for Ironman Coeur d'Alene.

With all of the other gear, I've been completely distracted and I forgot the entire reason this box arrived -- the wetsuit.

2012 Blue Seventy Helix


I've only worn it a few times now and all I have to say is... WOW!  The Blue Seventy Helix is amazing suit!  It fits me like a glove and it's the supplest suit I've ever owned.  I cannot wait to race in this suit!

A big thank you to Blue Seventy for solving my wetsuit crisis and thanks for all of the cool gear!!