Our trip to Boulder was one of the quickest trips in some time and yet we accomplished quite a few things in such a short period.

The details of the trip will follow in a couple of other posts later this week and my secrecy is not so much about keeping secrets as much as it is about some missing pieces to complete the story. Trust me -- it will all make sense, just be patient.

Outside of our main mission, we were able to meet up with friends, preview the Boulder 70.3 course and cruise Pearl Street several times for dining, coffee and general entertainment.

Pics from the trip...

Graphiti in the airport.  I'm pretty sure it was commissioned --

The mens restroom was the shelter.  I think I'll take my chances with the tornado --

Every so often, I feel like I'm channeling my inner creative side --

... or not.

I seem to recall a funny saying which goes something like... Do you know how to make money with your camera?  Sell it.  :)  Needless to say, I won't be quitting my day job.

Out by the Boulder 70.3 swim start --

On our way back into town, the cloud had brightly colored edges --

Cruising through downtown Boulder, on Pearl Street, at night.  Nothing says college town like a bong shop --

Ok, now it's starting to feel a little bit normal --

... or not --

WTF?  A smoking bunny???

Boulder, the land of environmentally friendly folks who rent bicycles to save the Earth --

... and who also have the absolute BEST Whole Foods Market --

But.  There's a stranger side of Boulder with the super bendy guy --

... the girl with the nice tail --

... the guy who plays with fire --

... the little clay babies that urinate --

... and the guy who thought it was ok to bring his flat panel into Starbucks in order to setup his "home away from home office" --

... not to mention --

But I had a lovely time whle eating their delicious food --

... and running on the, most awesome, Boulder Creek trail on a chilly morning --

But our shenanigans wouldn't have been complete if we hadn't done this --

Good bye Boulder, I will miss you!  Before I go, I have one question:  "Is that a hippie with a ponytail walking a dog?" --